Doris marine services Pvt.Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified maritime security provider offering world class services to an ever growing list of shipping companies from different parts of the world. Our men guard in many respected flag-states' vessels. Our clients are diverse and we are equipped to help them with 24/7 global presence & operation centre in India.Doris marine services Pvt.Ltd promises unflinching experienced, talented and selected Ex- Indian army,Gorkha's personnel as a sea marshal for international maritime security with a strong spirit of fraternity registered under ISO. We giving much care for the screening of MSO’s. The purpose of the consultancy is to assist ships to avoid or deter piracy attack in high risk areas and also helps the ships to reach their destination.

Quick response to client enquiries and there will be no unwanted delay to the client vessels evenduring the midst of last minute changes. We are proud to report that during our entire operation period we have met zero safety related incidents. Thanks to our tested and proven safety procedures and processes. We nurture talent through rigorous training and reviews. Our teams are handpicked to meet your needs with a range of service options including Indian & other nationalities.

Our marine security operators had great experience working in hostile environments, working in Indian & International military forces and updated through well certified courses. Increasing and extending the client base, acquiring ton load of priceless operational experience is what we do. We do Pre-embarkation assessment of vulnerability, probability and impact of different security threats against the specific asset. Tailored consultation for vessel security installations are conducted by trained expert Security Team Leaders. It would aid our active clients thorough intelligence reporting focused mainly on HRA threats. Intelligence is sourced from an extensive network of open and closed sources, as well as directly from our deployed operators. We provide security solutions for all needs but are focused greatly in , Maritime Security, Technical Management, Crew Management, Towage and Salvage, Value Added Services etc.